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Sexy Synonyms


Sexy Synonyms - a


Adam and Eve'ing It

attack on the pink fortress

Sexy Synonyms - b

Baking cookies

baking the bean




bashing the Beaver / bash the beaver

Beast with two Backs

Beating cheeks

Beating someone up with an ugly stick

bed boogie

Being in a woman's Beef

Being intimate

Being up to one's Balls

Being Up to ya nuts in guts

Boffing your Brains out


Boinking /boink

Bone Dancing


Bonking /bonk




Bouncing the bearded clam

Breeding /breed

Buffing the beaver

Bumbing nasties

Bumpin' fuzzies

Bumpin' uglies

Bumping and grinding

Bumping Bellies

Bumping Uglies

Burying the Baby leg

Burying the Bone

Burying the Weasel / bury the weasel

Burying the weenie

Bush patrolling

Buttering the muffin

Buzzing the Brillo

Buzzing the honey hole

Sexy Synonyms - c


Cleaning her pipes

Cleaning the carpet



Coming together


Cooping the chicken





Crashing the custard truck

Crawling across the floor like a water spider

Creaking bed syndrome


Cutting the mustard

Sexy Synonyms - d

Dancing the Buttock jig

Dancing the matrimonial polka

Dancing the mattress jig


Dipping the gravy boat

Dipping your wick

Diving for pearls

Diving in the Dark

doggy style

doin the nasty

Doing a lewd infusion

Doing a load of laundry

Doing Dirty working at the crossroads

Doing it

Doing som Up Hill Gardening

Doing some Bed-pressing

Doing some ladies' tailoring

Doing some Muff Diving

Doing some Nose painting

Doing some One Armed Banditry

Doing some Rump work

Doing the Act of Darkness

Doing the Backseat mambo

Doing the Backstroke

Doing the Bad thing

Doing the Bed Boogie

Doing the chores

Doing the deed

Doing the Featherbed jig

Doing the Four-Legged Fox Trot

Doing the Four-legged frolic

Doing the Funky Chicken

Doing the Hokey-pokey

Doing the Horizontal bop

Doing the Horizontal exercises

Doing the Horizontal hula

Doing the Horizontal Jog

Doing the Horizontal mambo

Doing the Horizontal polka

Doing the Horizontal tango

Doing the Humpity Dumpity

Doing the Humpty Dance

Doing the Humpty Dumpty

Doing the Mattress Dance

Doing the Mattress mambo

Doing the Mommy-daddy Dance

Doing the Nasty

Doing the Naughty

Doing the tube snake boogie

Doing the Tubesteak fandango

Doing the Ugly

Doing the Wild thing

Doona Dance

Drilling for Cervix

Drilling for oil

Drilling the Ditch

Driving home

Sexy Synonyms - e

Eating at the Y

Eating cauliflower

Eating hymeneal sweets

Enjoying a flesh session

Exchanging Bodily fluids

explore the map of tasmania

Sexy Synonyms - F



feed the kitty

Feeding the Dummy

Feeding the kitty

Feeding the muffin

Filling the cream Doughnut

Finding a Hot Dog in a jungle

Fitting end to end

Fitting her clap flap

Five knuckle shuffle

Fixing her plumbing

Flopping in the hay



Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo


fuck / fucking

Sexy Synonyms - g

Genital exercise

get intimate

get laid

Gettin' some of that slippery action

Getting a Belly full of marrow pudding

Getting a rock off

Getting a shove in your Blind eye

Getting Beef in yo taco

Getting busy

Getting Carpet Tunnel Syndrome

Getting creamy

Getting down

Getting Funky

Getting horizontal

Getting into someone's pants

getting it on

Getting it on

Getting Jack in the orchard

Getting jiggy

Getting oats

Getting parallel

Getting some Front Door action

Getting some stank on the hang low

Getting stretched

Getting your cane waxed

Getting your chimney swept out

Getting your end wet

Getting your freak on

Getting your hair cut

Getting your jollies

Getting your leather stretched

Getting your lizard drained

Getting your nuts cracked

Getting your oil changed

Getting your rocks off

Giving a hole to hide in

Giving a woman a shot

Giving hard for soft

Giving her a hosing

Giving her a pat

Giving her the Business

Giving her the high hard one

Giving her the high hard one

Giving it up

Giving juice for jelly

Giving kitty a taste of cream

Giving someone a stab

Giving someone the works

Giving the Dog a Bone

Glazing the Donut

Going at it

Going Belly-to-belly

Going fishing

Going like a rat up a Drainpipe

Going spelunking

going to bed with

Going to town


grease and oil change


Greasing the axle

Greasing the monkey

Greasing the pole

Greasing the wheel

Grinding your tool

Growling at the Badger

Sexy Synonyms - h

had his way with her


hanky panky

Hauling your ashes


Having a Bit of curly greens

Having a Bit of fish

Having a Bit of giblet pie

Having a Bit of pork

Having a Bit of split mutton

Having a Bit of sugar stick

Having a Bit of summer cabbage

Having a Bit of the cramstick

Having A Bit of the old in & out

Having a hot roll with cream

Having a joy ride

Having a nooner

Having a piece of tail

Having a poke

Having a Quickie

Having a root

Having a squeeze and a squirt

Having a turn on your Back

Having an Uppy Downy

Having Nookie

Having one's way with

having relations

Having some Afternoon Delight

Having the Beasty rendezvous

Heading South

Hiding the salami

Hiding the sausage

Hiking the South Rim

Hippity Dippity

Hitting it


Hooking up


Hopping on the good foot

horizontal jogging

horizontal mambo




Sexy Synonyms - i




intimate relations

Introducing Charlie


Sexy Synonyms - j






Jumping Bones

Sexy Synonyms - K


Knocking Boots

Knocking mops

Sexy Synonyms - l


Laying cable

Laying some pipe

lie with

Lifting a leg on someone

Lighting the lamp

Linking it

locking crotches

Losing the match


Lying feet up

Sexy Synonyms - m

made love

make whoopie

makin babies

Makin' Bacon

Making Babies

Making Baskets

Making ends meet

Making grass sandwiches

Making her grunt

Making it

making love

Making Magic

Making the sign of the Two-backed Beast

Making whoopee

mate / mating

meaningful/meaningless fling

Mingling limbs

Mixing your peanut Butter


Sexy Synonyms - n



Nipping the bean bag

Sexy Synonyms - o

Sexy Synonyms - p

Packing the frank

Painting the Door

Parallel parking

Parking (the car, the bus, the Audi)

Parking the Beef Bus in tuna town

Parking the pink Plymouth in the garage of love

Parting the Pink Sea

Passing the gravy

Peeling your Best end

Performing Carnal gymnastics


Picnicking in the lawn

Planting a man

Planting your seed

play hide the german sausage

Playing at in-and-out

Playing at tops-and-bottoms

Playing cars and garages

Playing Doctor

Playing Hanky panky

Playing hide the hot Dog

Playing hide the salami

Playing hide the weenie

Playing on the hair court

Playing pickle-me, tickle-me

Playing post office

Playing the slots

Playing the squeezebox

Playing tiddlywinks




plowing cheeks


Plug and playing


Pocketing the stake

pokey pokey


Poking in the whiskers

Poking the pie

Polishing the Jewel

Popping it in

Popping one off



Pounding the porch

Pounding the puppy

Praying with the knees upward

Probing the membrane

Professional wrestling



Punching the chipmunk

Puttin' sour cream in the Burrito

Puttin' the candle in the pumpkin

Putting the "Lew" in Lewinsky

Putting the Bee in the hive

Putting the Boots to someone

Putting the Devil into Hell

Putting the Puppy in the Dog House

Putting your root Down

Putting your snake in the grass

Sexy Synonyms - q

Sexy Synonyms - r



Rear attack

Receiving a guest in the foyer

reverse cowboy

ride the pink poney

ride the skin bus to tuna town

Riding someone

Riding the Baloney pony

Riding the hobby horse

Riding the pink pony

Riding the pony

Riding the skin Bus into Tuna Town

Ringing her Bell


Rocking it

Rocking off

Rocking the casbah


roll in the hay

Rolling in the hay

Rolling the cigar

Romping in the hay

Roughin' up the suspect

Rubbing Bacons

Rubbing one out

Rump splitting

Running the naked Wheel Barrow Race

Sexy Synonyms - s

Saucing the clam

Sawing off a chunk







Sewing wild oats


sexual commerce

sexual congress

sexual intercourse

sexual relations


shagging / shag

Shaking a skin coat

Shaking the sheets

Shooting the moon

Shooting your wad

shuck the oyster

Shucking the oyster

Sinking it in

Sinking the Bismarck

Sinking the soldier

Skinning back a freak


Slapping meat

Slapping skin


sleeping with /slept together

Slicking Willie

Sliding down the banister

Slipping someone the hot Beef injection

Slipping someone the tube steak

Soaking the sheets

Sowing your (wild) oats

Spankin' the cat


Spearing the Bearded clam


Splitting the uprights

Stabbing the trout

Star-gazing on your Back

Stirring the cauldron

stirring up the yogurt

Storming the trenches

Straightening the meat curtains

Stretching leather

Stroking the newt

Stuffin Martha's muffin

Stuffing the Beaver

Stuffing the taco

Sucking the sugar-stick

swapping gravies

Sweating the sheets

Sweaty rompin'

Sweetening the pot

Swiping the V-card

Sexy Synonyms - t


Taking "old one-eye" to the optometrist

Taking a Belly-ride

Taking a Break

Taking a turn in the stubble

Taking it downtown

Taking it to the car wash

Taking the flesh Boat to tuna town

Taking the starch out of someone

Tearing off a piece

Telling a Bedtime story

the in and out

Threading the needle

Throwing a leg over

Throwing another log on the fire

Throwing the meat at her

Tossing The Salad

Trading a Bit of hard for a Bit of soft

Training through a tunnel

Trimming the Buff

Sexy Synonyms - u

Sexy Synonyms - v

Varnishing your cane

Visiting the Netherlands

Sexy Synonyms - w

Walking the Dog

Wallpapering the closet

Watering the lawn

Waxing the pole

Wetting the hose

Wetting your wick


Winding the Kinetic watch

Winding up your clock

Windsurfing on Mount Baldy

Working the hairy oracle

Sexy Synonyms - x

Sexy Synonyms - y

Yodeling in the gulley

Yodeling in the valley

Sexy Synonyms - z




Zwooshing the swoosh



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